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Our goal is to connect members of the local community with the amazing diverse micro and small businesses on our platform for goods, services, and information they seek to find.  These Hampton Roads' diverse micro and small businesses are vital to our local economy and communities. Your purchase has the following effects:

✔  Creates more local jobs

✔  Enhances diversity

 Strengthens local networks

✔ Boosts environmental sustainability

 Increases real estate values

Thank you for visiting our site and helping us in celebrating, showcasing, and supporting minority, women, black, disabled, veteran, and LGBTQ-owned businesses in the Hampton Roads area.  

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Use our website to search various diverse small business owners and professionals in the Hampton Roads area.   The search results will return businesses located in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Newport News, Hampton, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Williamsburg, Franklin, Poquoson, James City County, York County, Isle of Wright County, Southampton County, Gloucester County, Mathews County, Camden County, Currituck County, and Gates County.

2. Compare 

After your search, you can learn more about each member by viewing their profile and comparing their products, services, and information.

3. Connect 

Once you find the business or professional you are interested in working with, feel free to contact them. Our members are always happy to hear from you!

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