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Welcome To Diverse Hampton Roads

What We Stand For

Founded in 2022, Diverse Hampton Roads is dedicated to celebrating, showcasing, and supporting diverse micro, and small businesses and nonprofits (minority-owned, women-owned, black-owned, veteran-owned, disabled-owned, and LGBTQ-owned) in the Hampton Roads area.

Our mission is to help these businesses and organizations gain more visibility online and in the Hampton Roads community.  Additionally, we strive to cultivate networking and workshop opportunities while providing resources to assist in their growth.

Our vision is to build a community of customers, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations that embrace and champion the diversity of Hampton Roads.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are vital to the health of our nation, the Hampton Roads region, and our local communities.  Our diverse perspectives make us stronger when we embrace them and work together.

How Diverse Hampton Roads Was Born

The idea to start Diverse Hampton Roads came in 2021 during the pandemic. I was visiting a local restaurant and saw numerous business cards in a designated area.

I took some of the cards home with me, and upon review, I noticed that most were minority-owned businesses. Many were either lacking a website or any digital presence.

In the current business landscape, establishing and maintaining growth for a small business requires a robust digital presence. Any micro or small business lacking a strong digital footprint misses out on opportunities to connect with its target audience. In addition, building a solid digital presence goes beyond just having a website and some social media accounts. A business's name should be found in a variety of places online to maximize exposure. 

Unfortunately, many micro and small businesses operate with minimal to no marketing budgets and often lack access to the beneficial information to help them effectively promote their businesses to potential customers.

After reflecting on how to utilize my web designer/developer background and resources to assist, I created a website featuring a directory. A platform where micro and small businesses can add their businesses to enhance their digital presence/exposure and gain information to help them elevate. Additionally, I made a deliberate decision to focus on all diverse businesses, recognizing the significant challenges they face in this country regarding opportunities for growth.